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Advertising Slogans and Taglines(or mottos) for American Airlines

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American Airlines slogan

Current; AA/US merger – "The new American is arriving." (With the introduction of new logo and branding in 2013.) 

2011-13: – "Be yourself. Nonstop."

2000s-13: – "We know why you fly." (Spanish: "Sabemos por qué vuelas") 

AA/TWA merger – "Two great airlines, one great future."

2001 (post-9/11) – "We are an airline that is proud to bear the name: American."

1998 - early 2000s - "New York's Bridge To The World" (Used for marketing in the New York metropolitan area.)

Early – mid-1990s – "We Mean Business In Chicago." (Used for marketing in the Chicago market.)

1988 – mid-1990s – "Based Here. Best Here." (Used for marketing in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.) 

1988 – "The On-Time Machine."

Late 1980s – "No other Airline gives you more of America, than American."

1984–2000 – "Something special in the air." (Several variants of this slogan existed. Variant used on the website: "Something special online.", Spanish variant: "Todo es especial, tú eres especial.", Variant used to market European routes: "Something special to Europe." Variant used with the previous tune: "We're American Airlines. Something special in the air.") 

1982 – late 1980s – "En American, tenemos lo que tú buscas." (Spanish slogan, translated to "At American, we've got what you're looking for").

17 March 1975 – 1984 – "We're American Airlines. Doing what we do best." (The tune used for the campaign would be retained for several years with the "Something special in the air" slogan).

1971 – 1975 – "Our passengers get the best of everything." (also known as "You get the best of everything.")

1969 – 1971 – "It's good to know you're on American Airlines." 

1967 – 1969 – "Fly the American Way."

1964 – 1967 – "American built an airline for professional travelers." (also known as "You'll love it.")

1950s – 1964 – "America's Leading Airline."

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American Airlines, Inc. (AA) is a major United States airline headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

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