Film Taglines of Superman

You'll Believe a Man Can Fly!

The movie that makes a legend come to life.

Look, up on the screen! It's Superman!

[ from trailer ] Once there was a civilisation much like ours, but with greater intelligence, greater powers, and a greater capacity for good. In one tragic moment, that world was destroyed. But there was one survivor. Because of the wisdom and compassion of Jor-El, because he knew the human race had the capacity for goodness, he sent us his only son. His name is Kal-El. He will call himself Clark Kent. But the world will know him... as Superman.

Superman II

The Adventure Continues.

Miraculously freed from eternal orbit, the three outlaws from Krypton descend to earth, for ultimate confrontation.

The three outlaws from Krypton descend to Earth to confront the Man of Steel in a cosmic battle for world supremacy.

The Man of Steel meets his match!

The Man of Steel is back, and better than ever!

Superman III

If the world's most powerful computer can control even one on earth is safe.

Alexander Salkind Presents Christopher Reeve and Richard Pryor as you never seen them before. With more action, more twists, and more fun than Superman has ever had before!

The world's super hero in his toughest adventure yet!

Superman vs. the king of computerized crime!

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace


Nuclear Power. In the best hands, it is dangerous. In the hands of Lex Luthor, it is pure evil. This is Superman's greatest battle. And it is for all of us.

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Film Taglines (often called slogans) are catchy, enticing short phrases used by marketers and film studios to advertise and sell a movie (create "buzz"), and to sum up the plot, tone or themes of a film.

The movie tagline is the film's advertising slogan, usually printed on posters prior to the official release. It gives quick and catchy insight into themes, plot, and genre of the product it wishes to sell.