university and college mottos of China

Beijing Normal UniversityLearn, so as to instruct others; Act, to serve as example to all.
Beijing University of Posts and TelecommunicationsGreat Virtue, Profound Knowledge, Total Commitment, Harmonious Cooperation
Beijing University of TechnologyTaking persistence in pursuit as the substance, taking innovation everyday as the way
China Pharmaceutical UniversityBe proficient and benefit others
Chongqing UniversityEndure Toil, Cherish Thrift, Work Hard and Love the Country
Dalian UniversityCivilization Self-Improvement Truth-Seeking and originality
Fudan UniversityRich in knowledge and tenacious of purposes, inquiring with earnestness and reflecting with self-practice
Henan UniversityTo illustrate illustrious virtue; to renovate the people; and to rest in the highest excellence
Huazhong University of Science and TechnologyVirtue, Knowledge, Truth, originality
Hunan UniversitySeeking Truth from Facts and Daring to be Pioneers
Jiangsu UniversityBe erudite, practical and virtuous
Jilin UniversityObjective and innovative, determination and persistence.
Jinan UniversityLoyalty, Sincerity, Integrity and Respect
Lanzhou UniversityConstantly Improving, Blazing Our Own Path
Nanjing UniversitySincerity with Aspiration, Perseverance and Integrity
Nankai UniversityDedication to Public Interests, Acquisition of All-round Capability, Aspiration for Progress with Each Passing Day
Ningbo UniversityTruth and pragmatism
Northwest Universityjustice, honesty, diligence, simple
Ocean University of ChinaOcean Embraces Streams All and Exploring Promises Reaching Far
Renmin University of ChinaSeeking truth from facts
Shandong UniversityNoble in Spirit; Boundless in Knowledge
Shanghai International Studies UniversityIntegrity, Vision and Academic Excellence
Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityWhen you drink water, never shall you forget its source; love your motherland and add credit to your Alma Mater
Shanghai UniversityThe movement of heaven is full of power. Thus the superior man makes himself strong and untiring.

Be concerned about the affairs of state before others, and enjoy comfort after others.

Shanxi Universitybeing industrious, strict, honest and creative
Sichuan UniversitySea encompasses hundreds of rivers, willingness to accept all is virtuous
Officially: The ocean is exclusive because it embraces hundreds of rivers
Soochow UniversityUnto a full-grown man
Southeast UniversityStrive for Perfection
Sun Yat-sen UniversityStudy Extensively, Enquire Accurately, Reflect Carefully, Discriminate Clearly, Practise Earnestly
Tianjin UniversitySeeking Truth from Facts
Tianjin University of TechnologyFocusing on Morals and Capability, Pursuing Truth and Innovation
Tongji UniversityDiscipline, Practicality, Unity and Creativity
Tsinghua UniversitySelf-Discipline and Social Commitment
University of Science and Technology of ChinaBeing Both Politically Sound and Professionally Competent, and Integrating Theory with Practice
Wuhan UniversityImprove Oneself, Promote Perseverance, Seek Truth and Make Innovations
Xiamen UniversityPursue Excellence, Strive for Perfection
Xiangtan UniversityKnowledge, Action and Virtue
Yantai UniversityBe trustworthy, be down-to-earth, be fond of learning, and practice earnestly
Zhejiang UniversitySeeking the Truth and Pioneering New Trails

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