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Apple slogan

Company advertising campaigns

Byte into an Apple. (Late 1970s)

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication. (Late 1970s/1980s)

Soon there will be 2 kinds of people. Those who use computers, and those who use Apples. (Early 1980s)

The Computer for the rest of us. (1984)

The Power to Be Your Best. (1990)

Think different. (1997–2002)


The internet in your pocket.

Touching is believing 

iPhone Apple reinvents the phone

Say Hello to iPhone

Talk about big. iPhone now in 16GB. More music. More video. More iPhone. (2008) 

The iPhone you've been waiting for. (2008)

There's an app for that. That's the iPhone. Solving life's dilemma one app at a time. (2008)

The first phone to beat the iPhone. (2008)

Twice as fast, for half the price (2008)

The most advanced mobile OS. Now even more advanced. (2009)

25,000 apps. And counting. (2009)

The fastest, most powerful iPhone yet. (2009)

There's An App For Everything (2010)

More to love, less to pay (2010)

This changes everything. Again. (2010)

Things go better with an apple (2011)

If you don't have an iPhone, well, you don't have an iPhone.

The world's thinnest smartphone.


It's the most amazing iPhone yet. (2011)

It’s not just bigger. It’s just right. 

The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone

Loving it is easy. That's why so many people do.

For the colorful. (2013)

Forward thinking. (2013)

Progress is a beautiful thing. (2013)

Bigger than bigger. (2014)

Apple I 

Apple introduces the first low cost microcomputer system with a video terminal and 8 kilobytes (KB) of RAM on a single PC card!

Apple II

le II

What every educator should know about desk-top computers.

The home computer that's ready to work, play and grow with you.

A is for Apple.

How to buy a Personal Computer.

Welcome IBM. Seriously. 

What kind of man owns his own computer?

Baked Apple.

Why Apple II is the world's best selling personal computer.

Apple: The Personal Computer.

Apple Pay

Your wallet. Without the wallet. (2014 used to promote the new Apple Pay.)


It takes minutes of practice to make Macintosh do this.

Introducing Macintosh.

Why 1984 won't be like...‘1984’.

The computer for the rest of us.

Introducing Macintosh. What makes it tick. And talk. 

Of the 235 million people in America, only a fraction can use a computer... Introducing Macintosh. For the rest of us.

It does more, It costs less. It's that simple.

Macintosh-the computer for the rest of us.


iThink, therefore iMac. (1998)

Hello. Again. (1998)

Blows minds, not budgets. (1998) 

Where did the computer go? (2004)

From the creators of iPod. (2004)

Now showing. The new iMac G5 (2005)

The new, all-in-one iMac (2006)

You can't be too thin, or too powerful. (2007)

The ultimate all-in-one. Now shipping with Leopard (2007)

More Power. Thinly disguised.

Beauty. Brains. And now more brawn.

The all-in-one for everyone.

The ultimate all-in-one. Now with the ultimate display.

The ultimate all-in-one. Turbocharged.

The ultimate all-in-one goes all out.

Performance and design. Taken right to the edge.

The ultimate display meets the ultimate all-in-one.

Mac mini

The most affordable Mac ever. (2005)

Small is Beautiful (2006)

A little Mini. A lot of Leopard(2007)

Faster. Greener. Still mini.

Brilliance, squared.

Small is huge.

It’s a good time to be a desk.

The new, mightier mini.

Redesigned in a very big way.

Way more power. Way same size.

It's mini in a massive way.

Mac mini

The most affordable Mac ever. (2005)

Small is Beautiful (2006)

A little Mini. A lot of Leopard(2007)

Faster. Greener. Still mini.

Brilliance, squared.

Small is huge.

It’s a good time to be a desk.

The new, mightier mini.

Redesigned in a very big way.

Way more power. Way same size.

It's mini in a massive way.


The iMac to Go. (1999)


The plot thins (1999) 

Less is more (2003)

Sends other UNIX boxes to /dev/null (2003)

Higher Resolution. Better Mileage (2005)


Everything2 (2006)

Meet the family. Now complete. (2006)

Same lovable MacBook. New lovable speed. (2007)

Same lovable MacBook. New amazing OS. MacBook now shipping with Leopard (2007)

Book smart (2008)

Rapid transit (2008)

Meet the next generation of notebooks. (2008)

Redesigned. Reengineered, Re-everythinged. (2008)

An even quicker study. (2009)

The notebook you love. In a whole new edition

The notebook for everyone. Now with more speed, power, and battery life.

The notebook for everyone. Just $999. (2010)

MacBook Pro

Vroom with a View (2007)

State-of-the-art meets state-of-the-art. MacBook Pro now shipping with Leopard

Rapid transit (2008)

Nimble, meet quick. (2008)

Meet the next generation of notebooks. (2008)

The new MacBook Pro family. (2009)

The fastest, most powerful MacBook Pro ever. Times three. (2010)

State-of-the-art processors. All-new graphics. Breakthrough high-speed I/O. Three very big leaps forward. (2011)

It's a whole new vision for the notebook. (2012)

Over 4 million pixels. Under 3.6 pounds. It's impressive by any measure. (2012)

The highest-resolution notebook ever. And the second-highest. (2012)

High performance has never been so well defined. (2013) 

The world's highest resolution notebook. (2013)

More power behind every pixel. (2013)

Macintosh does not have this problem. (2013-2014)

MacBook Air

There's something in the air (2008)

MacBook Air. The world's thinnest notebook. (2008)

Thinnovation (2008)

The new MacBook Air. Better graphics. More storage. Yet still the world’s thinnest notebook. (2009) 

Thin as always. Faster than ever. (2009)

The next generation of MacBooks. (2010)

The new, faster MacBook Air. Everyone should have a notebook this advanced. And now everyone can. (2011) 

Now it's even faster than it looks. (2012)

The lightweight notebook that's anything but a lightweight. (2012) 

All the power you want. All day long.

The notebook people love. (2014)


We mean business. (2003) 

More power. Less energy. (2009)

iPod classic

One thousand songs in your pocket. (2001)

Introducing the new iPod family. (2002)

7,500 songs in your pocket. (2003)

The best keeps getting better (2004)

10,000 songs in your pocket. (2004)

Paint it black. (2004)

One more thing... (2005)

Watch your music (2005)

15,000 songs. 25,000 photos. 80 hours of video. (2005)

Home stereo. Reinvented. (2006)

Movies, TV shows, games, and music. Now playing on an iPod near you. (2006) 

Back for an encore. (2006)

Tune your run. (2006)

Give the gift of iPod. (2006)

Hold everything. (2007)

One size fits all. (2009)

Your Top 40,000. (2009)

Leave no tune behind.(2009)

iPod mini

Mini. The next big thing. (2004)

Teeny doesn't mean weeny. (2004)

iPod shuffle

Life is random. (2005)

Do not eat iPod shuffle (2005)

Give chance a chance. (2005)

Random is the new order. (2005)

Enjoy uncertainty. (2005)

Clip and go. (2006)

Put some music on. (2006)

Put some color on. (2006)

A new gig for iPod shuffle (2008)

Get your groove on. In four new colors (2008)

Small Talk. (2009)

It's small. It talks. And it's in color. (2009)

The first music player that talks to you. Now in five colors. (2010)

The perfect mix. (2010)

It's big on color. (2012)

Small, but big on music. (2012)

iPod nano

1,000 songs. Impossibly small. (2005)

Completely remastered. (2006)

Put a different kind of change in your pocket. (2006)

A little video for everyone. (2007)

nano-chromatic and Rockalicious (2008)

Nano Shoots Video.(2009)

A new way to nano (2010)

Multi-Touch. And multi-talented. (2011)

Completely Renanoed. (2012)

Tap play. Then go play. (2012)

iPod touch

Touch comes to iPod  (2007)

Now there's even more to touch. (2008)

Everybody Touch. (2008)

What's new to touch. (2008)

Tap into what's new. (2008)

Now there's even more to touch. (2008)

Pump up the volume. iPod Touch Now in 32GB.

So much to touch. (2008)

Play more than music. Play a part. (2008)

The funnest iPod ever. (2009)

Millions of songs. Thousands of videos. Hundreds of games.

Next level fun. (2009)

There's An App For Everything (2010)

Game on. And on. And on. (2010)

It has fun written all over it. (2011)

Share The Fun. (2011)

Engineered for maximum funness. (2012)

Miscellaneous iPod

Which iPod are you? (2006)

Put a thousand thanks in their pocket. (2006)

Meet the best iPods ever. (2007)


Tune your run. (2007)

Meet your new personal trainer. (2010)


A new spin on music. (2001)

Digital Music for your Mac. (2001)

Rip. Mix. Burn. (2001)

Rock and Roll will never die. It is, however, being reborn. (2003)

The best Windows app ever. (2003)

Hell Froze Over. (2003)

Welcome to the digital music revolution. (2004)

Drink. Win. Play. (2005)

Give music. (2005)

The best digital jukebox and #1 music download store. Now with video. (2005)

Welcome to the entertainment center of your world. (2006)

Give the gift of music for the holidays. (Fall 2006)

The entertainment center of your world. (2007)

American Idol on iTunes. (2008)

Discover iTunes 8. Rediscover your music.

iTunes 8. The entertainment capital of your world 

That's entertainment.

You've never been so easily entertained. (2014) 

iTunes Radio

Hear where your music takes you. (2013)

iTunes, we've just turned on the radio. (2014)

Hear where your music takes you. (2014)

App Store (iOS)

There's an app for just about anything.

Applications unlike anything you’ve seen on a phone before.

Your iPhone gets better with every new app.

Over 200,000 ways to make iPhone even better.

There's an app for that.

Mac App Store

The Mac App Store. More than a thousand apps. One simple new way to get them.

Apple TV

YouTube, Meet Apple TV. (2007) 

If it's on iTunes, it's on your widescreen TV. (2007).

Movie rentals and much more.

Now Playing: HDTV shows and more.

Even More to Do (2008)

Suddenly your HDTV is everything it should be. (2009)

The all-new Apple TV. (2010)

With the best HD content and AirPlay, there's always something good on TV. (2012) 

All things entertaining. (2014)

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