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We make it COMPACT.

Innovation for Tomorrow.

Light you up.

Daihatsu Sahabatku. (Indonesia only, English: Daihatsu is my Friend.)

Daihatsu - That's Who! (Australia, '90s, early '00s.)

ワールドミニで未来を創る (Roma-ji:Warudo de mirai o tsuku sore, English:Create The future in the world Mini.)

ワンダフルスモール (Roma-ji:Wandafuru Sumoru, English:Wonderful Small, 2003–07)

それ、ダイハツがやります (Roma-ji:Sore, Daihatsu ga yarimasu, English:Now, Daihatsu will Spear.)

テーマは、品質。 (Roma-ji:Tema wa, Hinshitsu, English:The theme, The Quality.)

ひとりひとりを楽しくする品質。Goodが、ギュッと。 (Roma-ji:Hitorihitori o tanoshiku suru hinshitsu. Good ga, gyutto, English:Quality and fun each and every. Good it is, tight.)

もっと軽にできること。 (Roma-ji:Motto kei ni dekiru koto, English:It can be more light.)

軽の技術で、コンパクトを変えていく。 (Roma-ji:kei no gijyutsu de compact wo kaeteiku, English:With the technology of mini vehicles, we will change the compact.)

Light you up ~らしく、ともに軽やかに~ (Roma-ji:Light you up ~ rashiku, tomo ni karoyaka ni ~, English:It seems to us, both lightly.)

    Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. , trading as Daihatsu, is one of the oldest surviving Japanese internal combustion engine manufacturers, later known for its range of smaller kei models and off-road vehicles.

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