Café Coffee Day Slogan

Advertising Slogans and Taglines(or mottoes) of Café Coffee Day

a lot Can Happen Over Coffee

the Best Coffee for the Best You

Make Your Own Café Moments…

Take A Big Sip

Enjoy The Little Things

Sit Down To Enjoy

Buy One Beverage &Amp; Get A Beverage Free.

2 Minutes or Free

We Love You So Much

Flavours Of The Season

Unique Creative Concepts

Let Your Brand Begin The Conversations.

Cool Down With Chill Shakes Buy 1get 1 Free.

It’s Coffee Time

A Cappuccino Sounded Like A Character In The Godfather

An Innovative And Unique Platform To Engage Your Tg Is Here…

Gift Wrap Love This Valentine’s Day With Exclusive Merchandise From #cod!

More Coffee. More Conversations.

A Lot To Munch, A Lot More To Slurp And A Whole Lot More Of Both!

Add Me To Make It Great

Magnificent Home Of The Single origin Dark Forest Coffee

Winner Of The Home-work Station Contest

Why Is One Safer Than The Other? Spot The Differnces!

13 More Cups To Go, or 26 With One In Each Hand!

Conquer This Leg Of The Lockdown With Your Favorite Cup(S)

Make Hay While Your Monday Shines With The Deliciousness Of Ccd Frappes!

Lockdown or No Lockdown. May The Four Be With You. Always.

Fill Your Weekend With The Deliciousness Of Ccd Filter Coffee!

Be Bow Down To The Ones Who Always Rise Up To Serve Us!

Ccd Dedicates This Labour Day To All The Covid-19 Warriors!

Is It Your Bed, Your Dining Table or An Actual Desk? Send Us Pictures Of Your Work Station At Work &Amp; Win Ccd Vouchers

Creating A Safer World For You And Your Coffee

Gift Your Monday A Delightful Match Pair Your Favorite Brew With A Ccd Sandwich!

How To Get Ready For Work-from-home Mondays?

Three Awesome Ways To Blow The Blues Away!

Amidst The Coffee Beans, Are Hidden Some Easter Treats!

Our Doors Might Be Closed For Now, But Our Hearts Will Never Be!

Get Your Ccd Favourites Safely Delivered At Home Now!

Don’t Let Monday Become A Tough Task, Filter Out The Blues With A Warm Filter Coffee Flask!

This Sunday Let The Light Of Your Strength Shine At 9pm

A Warm Hug, Packed In A Cup, Delivered Safely With Love!

It Feels Great To Be India’s Most Trusted Café Yet Again! Thank You For Your Love.

Quarantine Youself, Not Your Love For Coffee!

Make Your Favourites Right At Home With Ccd Coffee Powder!

It’s Time For A Short Break. We’ll Be Back Soon With Your Favourite Brews, Till Then Stay Safe, Stay Home.

Work-from-home Monday Feeling No Better? order Your Favourite Brews To Feel Fresher

Your Safety Is Our Utmost Priority. Stay Home, Stay Safe

Together or Apart. Coffee Is Never A Bad Idea.

Your Coffee &Amp; Your Safety, Both Are In The Right Hands.

Your Dedication Hit The Right Chords!

Slide Away The Monday Blues, With Your Favourite Ccd Brews!

Coffee Can Take Your Love Places!

Pump Up Your Monday Mood, Let Ccd Coffees Give It A Boost!

Home-grown Coffee Meets Our Home-town Heroes, Brewing Happiness In Every Cup

How About A Song For The Women Who #brewstrong?

The Only +1 A Woman Needs Is Another Coffee

Be It Home or Work, Women Hustle All Day Long. They Always Brew Strong

We’re Brewing A Marathon Of Celebrations This Month! Get Ready To Grab A Cup Full!

Jet Set With Your Better Half This Valentine’s Month With Ccd!

You. Me. Cappucino Crush.

Have You Taken The Choco Chip Trip Yet?

Filter Out The Old And Brew The New 2020.

Christmas With Coffee And Plum Cake, Makes For A Perfect Winter Date!

Today, Let’s Paint The Town Red Together. Merry Christmas!

Hanging Out At #ccd, Guarantees A Happy Ending To Every Story!

Creativity Needs Calm &Amp; A Shot Of Caffeine

101% Of Monday Blues Can Be Cured With A Great Cup Of Coffee

Chauffeur Your Brain On To The Fast-lane. Sip On A #ccd Espresso, And Blaze Those Blues Away!

Show Us Some Joy!

Case Of The Mondays? Better Latte Than Ever!

Hang Out And Flip Our Over Our Joyous New Avatar!

A Toast To The Cappuccino By The Brand That Introduced It To India

The Sweet Spark To Your Festivities Happy Diwali

For Your Car. So Your Favourite Brew Is Never Too Far.

This Festive Season, Celebrate With Us. Like It’s Your Second Home.

Shared Joys Always Taste Better When You Experience Them At Ccd!

Today, Celebrate National Coffee Day With Your Favourite Brew At Ccd!

Masterfully Crafted, Perfectly Brewed.

Steeped In Tradition, Hoe-grown In Harmony.

Coffee Legacy Since 1870

Late Nights And Cups Of Coffee Are Worth It When You Reach For The Moon!

Don’t Hold Back

Get Bowled Over!

Roar For More!

Slurp The Blue!

India’s Favourite Cup

Bring It On!

Game On!

Those Who Chll Together, Stay Together!

Summer Chills &Amp; Coffee Thrills

Turn Down The Heat With Banana Caramel Frappe!

Feel The Frosty Rush Of The Yuzu Slush!

Slurp On The Alphonso Mango Smoothie For Your Summer Chill!

Designed To Excite Your Senses. Built To Indulge Your Desires!

Café Coffee Day (CCD) is an Indian café chain.

A slogan is a memorable motto or phrase used in a clan, political, commercial, religious, and other context as a repetitive expression of an idea or purpose, with the goal of persuading members of the public or a more defined target group.

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