Seven Network Slogan

Advertising Slogans and Taglines(or mottoes) of Seven Network

You're in Tune When You're Tuned to Seven (ADS-7 only)

You're on Seven. This is Herald-Sun TV in Melbourne (HSV-7 only)

This is Channel Seven, Spearhead of Australian Television (ATN-7 only)

The Seven Revolution

Looking Good

Something Special

Looking Better Than Ever (ATN-7 / ADS-7 only)

Welcome to the Bright New World of Seven

Colors Your World

The Colour Machine

21 Years of Television (HSV-7 only)

Summer Fever (BTQ-7 only)

You're on Seven (HSV-7 / ADS-7 only)

Our Pride is Showing (ATN-7 only)

Seven is a Part of You (HSV-7 only)

Lucky Seven (HSV-7 / ATN-7 / ADS-7 only)

Supercharged! (BTQ-7 only)

Channel 7, All the Best

Channel 7, Watch Us Now (previously used by NBC)

Love You Brisbane (BTQ-7 only)

Love You Queensland (BTQ-7 only) (also used by STQ)

Be There (also used by NBC) (HSV-7 / ATN-7 only)

Let's All Be There (also used by NBC up to 1986)

Hello Melbourne (HSV-7 only)

Love You Perth (TVW-7 only)

Hello Adelaide/Adelaide Proud (ADS-7 only)

Say Hello! (ADS-7 / HSV-7 / TVW-7 only)

Let's Celebrate '88

On the Move (SAS-7 only)

Only the Best in Summer

Only the Best on 7

Only the Best Will Do (BTQ-7 only)

In the Mood


Seven Gives Me Good Vibrations

It Has to be Seven

Discover It All

40 Years Together

Everyone's Home on Seven

Australia's Home (sports slogan)

Melbourne's Alive! (HSV-7 only)

The One to Watch

See Things Differently

Lucky #7


Brand Spankin' New Summer

7 Summer


One Place

Australia's No.1

Australia’s Favourite

Only on 7

The Seven Network (commonly known as Channel Seven or simply Seven) is a major Australian commercial free-to-air television network.

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