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The Hoover Company slogans List 6

Advertising Slogans and Taglines(or mottos) for The Hoover Company

- US - Floor care -
Hoover slogan

"However clean, Hoover cleaner" - 1912

"Just run the Hoover over" - 1918

"A Hoovered home is as clean as it looks" - 1918

"Don't compromise with dirt. Have a Hoover." - 1918[17]

"It Beats...as it Sweeps...as it Cleans" - 1919

"It shows you the dirt you never knew you had" - 1932

"It lights where it's going...it's clean where it's gone" - 1935

"It Lights...as it Beats...as it Sweeps...as it Cleans" - 1935

"Give her a Hoover and you give her the best" - 1938

"You'll be happier with a Hoover" - 1948

"Hoover fine appliances around the house....around the world" - 1954

"The cleaner that walks on air" - 1957-69, for the Constellation canister cleaner.

"We're the same company that makes the vacuum cleaners" - late 1950s-early 1960s, in advertising for non-floor care appliances Hoover manufactured for a few years.

"Floorcare for people who care" - 1962

"Hoover. Helping you has made us a household word" - 1971

"Insist on Hoover" - 1974

"America trusts Hoover to take care of its homes" - 1977

"America trusts Hoover" - 1984

"Hoover keeps making it better" - 1986

"Hoover invented it" - 1988

"Nobody does it like You" - 1993, 2010

"Deep down you want Hoover" - 1998

"Hoover gets it" - 2004

"America loves its Hoovers" - 2007

"Hoover...Nobody Does it Like You" - 2008–2013

"I Love My Hoover" 2013–Present

    Hoover is a vacuum cleaner company founded in Ohio in the US.

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