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Advertising Slogans and Taglines(or mottoes) of British Rail 2024

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Sleep as you go – Overnight. (1965)

How to go by car by train. (1968)

A great British investment. (1971)

Think again, take a train. (1977)

The backbone of the nation. (1979)

The time for the train has come again. (1980)

This is the age of the train. (1985)

We’re getting there. (1986)

Let the train take the strain (1988)

British Railways (BR), which from 1965 traded as British Rail, was the state-owned company that operated most of the overground rail transport in Great Britain between 1948 and 1997.

What is British Rail’s slogan?

British Rail’s slogan is “We're getting there.”

A slogan is a catchy or memorable phrase that captures a brand's identity and the overall message of its marketing campaign. Slogans demonstrate a brand's core values in just a few words, often using humor, emotion, and personality to emphasize their brand mission.

Slogans and taglines serve as concise representations of a brand’s identity. They are often the first thing potential customers encounter, leaving a lasting impression.

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