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Hanwha Group slogan

Going Further Together

Movement for Tomorrow

Sharing Hope through Fireworks

Joy of Sharing, Joy of Togetherness

Opening the Future of Advanced Engine

Hanwha Group (Korean: 한화그룹) is a large business conglomerate (chaebol) in South Korea. Founded in 1952 as Korea Explosives Co. (한국화약주식회사; 韓國火藥株式會社), the group has grown into a large multi-profile business conglomerate, with diversified holdings stretching from explosives—their original business—to energy, materials, aerospace, mechatronics, finance, retail, and lifestyle services. In 1992, the company adopted its abbreviation as its new name: "Hanwha".

What is Hanwha Group’s slogan?

Hanwha Group’s slogan is “Going Further Together”

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