Soriana Slogan

Advertising Slogans and Taglines(or mottoes) of Soriana

Where all Days are Good Days  ( late 1970s )

Responds when you need it  ( 1988 )

All Ways Lead to Soriana  ( 1990 )

The Best at the Best Prices  ( 1993 )

pun meaning Pay Less for the Total or In Short, Pay Less  ( mid 1990s )

Our Prices Speak  ( 1999, 2011 )

a pun meaning both (At the Right) Pri¢e for You or E$teem for You  ( 2000 )

Better Offers at Lower Prices  ( 2001 )

The Lowest Price Guaranteed  ( 2002 )

The Greatest Savings  ( 2007 )

Because We Care for You  ( 2008 )

Do hyper, and save!  ( 2013 )

Organización Soriana is a Mexican public company and a major retailer in Mexico with more than 824 stores.

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