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Advertising Slogans and Taglines(or mottoes) of Verizon Wireless 2024

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Verizon Wireless Slogan

How to get life done. (2001)

It’s your life. It’s your call. (2001)

Join in. (2002)

Can you hear me now? (2003)

Make progress every day. (2004)

Some phone companies don’t think you’re worth it. We do. (2004)

More bling per ring. (2004)

We never stop working for you. (2006)

Our people. Our network. (2006)

It’s the network. (2006)

Cellco Partnership, Inc., doing business as Verizon Wireless (commonly shortened to Verizon, and stylized as verizon), is an American telecommunications company which offers wireless products and services.

What is Verizon Wireless’s slogan?

Verizon Wireless’s slogan is “Built Right”

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A slogan is a catchy or memorable phrase that captures a brand's identity and the overall message of its marketing campaign. Slogans demonstrate a brand's core values in just a few words, often using humor, emotion, and personality to emphasize their brand mission.

Slogans and taglines serve as concise representations of a brand’s identity. They are often the first thing potential customers encounter, leaving a lasting impression.


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