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Berkshire Hathaway slogan

Where will home take you?

Trusted Advisor. Year after year.

Berkshire Hathaway home services network embraces home buyers and sellers for a lifetime of service.

Go All in with us on social.

Be yourself. Every one else is already taken.

Connect. Charge. Repeat.

Putting new pins on the map.

Surety. Ready, willing and committed to custom crafting your surety

Strength. A strong team operationalising a strong balance sheet.

Skilled. Decades of Devoted to your claim.

Passion. Energised to Innovate.

Yes. We can tailor that coverage for you.

Casualty. Flexible capacity for general liability, excess and umbrella risks.

Spanning construction, energy, transportation, life sciences, pollution, manufacturing, distribution, sports, entertainment, leisure, and real estate.

Executive and Professional lines

Your solution, underwritten with exceptional expertise.

Backed by formidable financial strength.

Human and social services. Supporting those who support others.


Partner. In lockstep with you, long term.

Trustworthy. Insurance partner.

Claims is our product.

Claim on.

Claim time.

Even better now.

Real Estate professionals

Warriors don’t just appear, they are forged. Be a warrior for good.

Buying or selling your home? Let the expert help.

Trust is our heritage

Get free access to all local listings

It’s a good sign for a market

The sign for confidence

Berkshire Hathaway is an American multinational conglomerate holding company.

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