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Blue Star slogans

List of Advertising Slogans and Taglines(or mottos) for Blue Star

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration    India   
Blue star slogan

Nobody cools better 

Get 30% more cooling when more people are there in the room 

Get armed with immunity 

Celebrate with India’s first inverter AC that cools in decimals

You pay half and it will pay for the other half 

Let’s send summers on a vacation 

Fifty fifty offer 

Get office like cooling at home 

Cools like an Air conditioner. Protects like an Air purifier. 

Owned by Virat. Loved by Virat. 

Summer will now feels like winter 

Get 30% more cooling when you need it 

Unmatched cooling. Unmatched freezing from the experts. 

Cooling so precise that it makes every day a celebration.

Mummy trust Blue Star, like I trust mummy. 

Blue star water purifiers. Choose purity. 

Blue star believes you shouldn’t ever have to worry about the water you give your loved ones. 

Cool my world. 

Let’s you express your creativity in beautiful ways. 

Motivates you to practice social distancing. 

Relaxes your mind and rejuvenated your senses. 

Leads to better coordination, agility and flexibility. 

Consuming less fuel and reducing global warming. 

An effective and fun way to exercise indoors. 

Lifts up your spirit 

Stay home. Stay calm. Stay cool. 

Give warmth and comfort. 

A connected nation. 

The secret to office productivity. 

Aim soar high. 

That’s what we call a work life balance. 

Furbo Dog camera with Treat Tossing Technology

Add a dash of your mood to your home. 

Paint away some of those blues. 

Escape the ordinary. 

Rejuvenate like never before. 

Pose snap and print memories.

    Blue Star Limited is an Indian Multinational company specialising in designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing a wide variety of products in the air conditioning and commercial refrigeration industry.

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