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Jell-O slogan

Make someone happy. Make someone Jell-O. (1972)

A Jell-O gelatin salad gives a meal bounce. (1980)

So moist, so fruity, you’ll see a smile at the end of the rainbow. (1981)

Make it Jell-O and create a sensation. (1983)

Smile more. (1998)

Because it’s magic. (2002)

Every diet needs a little wiggle room. (2007)

Enjoy your wiggle room. (2009)

Fun things up. (2013)

Made with Jell-O-v-e. (2015)

Jell-O is a registered trademark of Kraft Foods for varieties of gelatin desserts (fruit gels), puddings, and no-bake cream pies.

What is Jell-O’s slogan?

Jell-O’s slogan is “There's always room for Jell-O.”

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