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PlayStation slogans List

Advertising Slogans and Taglines(or mottos) for PlayStation



eNoS Lives.
(The first letter 'E' was printed in red to denote the word, ready. Enos stood for Ready, Ninth of September)

U R Not e.
(The letter 'E' was printed in red to denote the word, ready, as in You Are Not Ready)

Do Not Underestimate The Power of PlayStation.
(From the S.A.P.S. - Society Against PlayStation — series of adverts)

Playstation (Seen on several PlayStation systems and games commercials)[citation needed]

PS one

Wherever, Whenever, Forever.

PlayStation 2

The Beginning.

Live In YPlayStationCircle.svgur WPlayStationX.svgrld, PlPlayStationTriangle.svgy In PlayStationSquare.svgurs. (The PlayStation face button icons were used to denote certain letters: Live In Your World, Play In Ours)

(Welcome to the) Third Place.

Fun, Anyone?

The ultimate just got better – PlayStation 9 – teleport yours today.

PlayStation Portable

PSP Hellz Yeah (PSP-1000 Series)

Dude, Get Your Own... (PSP-2000 Series)

Everywhere Just Got Better (PSP-3000 Series and PSPgo)

It's GO Time (PSPgo)

Your Whole World In Your Hands (UK & Europe Territories)

Step Your Game Up (US Territory, PSP-3000 Series and PSPgo)

PlayStation 3

The Wait Is Over

Welcome Chang3 (the number three is used to denote an 'e' and was printed in red)

This is Living.

Play B3yond (the number three is used to denote an 'e' and was printed in red)

It Only Does Everything (US Commercials) (PS3 Slim)

The Game Is Just The Start. Start PS3. (EU countries)

Long Live Play (PS3 Slim)

Never Stop Playing (PS3 Slim)

Greatness Awaits (PS3 SuperSlim)

PlayStation Move

This Changes Everything.

Move Into The Action.

PlayStation Network

Download, Play, Connect.

PlayStation Vita

Never Stop Playing.

The World is in Play. (EU only)

PlayStation 4

See the Future

Push the boundaries of Play.

Greatness Awaits

This is 4 the Players

Where the Greatest Play.

PlayStation is a gaming brand that consists of four home video game consoles, as well as a media center, an online service, a line of controllers, two handhelds and a phone, as well as multiple magazines.

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