Trans World Airlines (TWA) Slogan

Advertising Slogans and Taglines(or mottoes) of Trans World Airlines (TWA)

Nationwide, Worldwide. Depend on TWA.  ( 1960s )

Up, up and away with TWA  ( late 1960s )

You're going to like us  ( 1970s )

Leading the way, TWA  ( late 1970s )

Today's TWA, find out how good we really are.  ( 1980s )

The most comfortable way to fly  ( late 1980s )

We're Up To Something Good  ( mid-1990s )

We want to be your airline  ( 1990s )

One Mission: Yours!  ( late 1990s )

Two Great Airlines, One Great Future!  ( 2001 )

Trans World Airlines (TWA) was a major American airline that existed from 1930 until 2001.

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