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Nokia slogans List 534

Advertising Slogans and Taglines(or mottos) for Nokia

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Nokia Slogans

Connecting People.

Colourful and connected.(Nokia 100)

Simplicity with style.(Nokia 101)

Life at top speed.(Nokia 109)

Social on the go.(Nokia 114)

Say hi to a familiar face.(Nokia 301)

Larger than life.(Nokia 206 Dual SIM)

Smart mobile, simply connected.(Nokia C2-01)

In touch with life.(Nokia C2-03)

the more fun smartphone.(Nokia Lumia 520)

More Style, More Fun.(Nokia Lumia 525)

Smart, inside and out.(Nokia Lumia 620)

Stunningly brilliant.(Nokia Lumia 720)

Our most versatile Lumia.(Nokia Lumia 820)

The world’s most innovative smartphone.(Nokia Lumia 920)

Share your sounds, swap your SIMS.(Nokia X2-02)

    Nokia Corporation (commonly referred to as Nokia) is a Finnish multinational telecommunications, information technology, and consumer electronics company, founded in 1865.

    A slogan is a memorable motto or phrase used in a clan, political, commercial, religious, and other context as a repetitive expression of an idea or purpose, with the goal of persuading members of the public or a more defined target group.