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Ore-Ida slogan

Good eatin’ from Boise. (1972)

You’ve made us America’s favorite frozen potato. (1974)

When it says ore-Ida, it’s always all-righta. (1980)

French fries. Great-tasting every time you make them. (1981)

Great-tasting every time you make them. All-righta! (1982)

Relax. There’s ore-Ida. (1998)

Because golden brown is better than just brown. (2004)

Feel the noise. (2004)

The fries that stand and deliver. (2004)

Quality since 1952. (2014)

Ore-Ida is an American brand of potato-based frozen foods currently produced and distributed by the H. J. Heinz Company (now part of Kraft Heinz).

What is Ore-Ida’s slogan?

Ore-Ida’s slogan is “Easy Open, Easy Pour Bag!”

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