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Advertising Slogans and Taglines(or mottoes) of Cinemax 2024

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Cinemax Slogan

1980–1982: The (24-Hour) Movie Network

1982–1983: We Are Your Movie Star

1983–1984: Our Difference is Our Movies

1984–1986: We Take You to the Stars

1986–1989: Entertainment to the Max

1986–1988: It's Max

1988–1989: See the Light, See Cinemax

1989–1991: More Movies, More Choice

1989–1997: Cinemax, The Most Movies on Pay TV (used as a secondary slogan)

1991–1993: Cinemax, If You Like Movies

1993–1997: The Best Network for Movies on TV

1997–2000: The Movie Service for the Movie Fan

2000–2003: Best! Most! Max!

2003–2008: Take It to the Movies

2008–2011: Take It to the Max

2011–2013: We Are Your Movie Channel

2013–2014: Max. In Movies.

2014-Present: We Are Your Nickelodeon

2014-Present: None Stop Childern Entertainment On Cinemax ( Secondary )

Cinemax (alternatively shortened to Max) is an American pay television, cable, and satellite television network owned by the Home Box Office, Inc.

What is Cinemax’s slogan?

Cinemax’s slogan is “We Are Your Nickelodeon”

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