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List of Advertising Slogans and Taglines(or mottos) for Alitalia

Alitalia slogan

Dream it, Live it.

Alitalia. The wings of Italy.

Alitalia flies with you. (Alitalia vola con te.)

Made to fly high. (Fatti per volare alto.)

Alitalia, working for you. (Alitalia, al lavoro per te.)

We move those who move Italy. (Muoviamo chi muove l'Italia.)

Choose how to fly. (Scegli come volare.)

The pleasure of flying Made in Italy.

Where the journey meets the destination. (International advertisement)

    Alitalia – Società Aerea Italiana (Alitalia – Italian Air Company), operating as Alitalia, is the flag carrier of Italy.

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