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Inca Kola slogans

List of Advertising Slogans and Taglines(or mottos) for Inca Kola

Inca Kola Slogans

Inca Kola OK.

Solo hay una y no se parece a ninguna ("There is only one, unlike any other")

La bebida del sabor nacional ("The drink with the national flavor")

El sabor de la alegría ("The taste of happiness")

La bebida del sabor nacional ("The national flavored drink")

Es nuestra, La bebida del Perú ("It's ours, The drink of Peru")

Pide bien; que con todo combina ("Order it, it goes with everything")

El sabor de lo nuestro ("The taste of what is ours")

Hay una sola y el Perú sabe por qué ("There is only one, and Peru knows why")

El sabor del Perú ("The taste of Peru")

Destapa el sabor del Perú ("Uncap the flavor of Peru")

Celebra el Perú ("Celebrate Peru")

Qué buena idea ("What a good idea")

El sabor de la creatividad ("The taste of creativity")

Con creatividad todo es posible ("With creativity, everything is possible")

Inca Kola 75 años ("Inca Kola: 75 years").

Vamos por más ("Let's go for more.")

    Inca Kola (also known as "the Golden Kola" in international advertising) is a soft drink that was created in Peru in 1935.

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