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Energy Drink Slogans & Taglines

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– Free your inner Carabao

Fruit Energy

– With real fruits


– Nutritional Energy Drink


– Live fit

Demon Energy

– No limits, No laws

TNT Energy Drink

– TNT. Energy for those who thrive on adrenaline.

Relentless Energy Drink

– Be Relentless

Playboy Energy Drink

– Energy to play

Shark Energy Drink

– Bring out the beast

Ontario Energy Drinks

– Your monthly sustainable energy mixer

Fighter Energy effervescent tablets

– For the fighter in you

Monster Energy brand

– Unleash the beast!

Boost Energy Drink

– Boost up yourself

Hell Energy

– Gives you power like hell

Vault Energy Drink

– Drinks like a soda, kicks like an energy drink


– Potent brain and body fuel

Cocaine Energy Drink

– The legal alternative

NOS Energy Drink

– No nonsense energy for the gym

Q Energy

– The honest energy drink

Rockstar Energy Drink

– Party like a Rockstar

Hype Energy

– Feel the Hype.

Boom Boom Energy Drink

– Boom Boom Taka Boom.


– Insanely healthy energy

Blu Energy Drink

– Drink it to believe it

Little Big Shot Drink

– The juice with the natural boost!

Mother Energy Drink

– The mother of all energy hits


– A man in every can

Kamasutra Energy Drink

– Boost your strength & energy

Juice it

– Wake up & energize with


– Energie. Hydratation

Dynamite Energy Drink

– Blow your mind

Hydrive Energy Water

– Energy done better.

Venom Energy

– Piercing energy that strikes back

White Tiger

– From nature, naturally


– 5 hour charge

Cintron Energy Drink

– Drink it, live it

Speed Energy Drink

– Fuel the deed

Wellman High Performance

– The power is in the can!

Tiger Energy Drink

– Untamed energy


– Great taste. Zero calories.

Impulse Energy Drink

– Elevate your performance

Power Horse Energy Drinks

– Free your energy. Be your best.

Wild Tiger

– Total activation

Power Play Energy Drink

– Play outside the ordinary

Lucozade Energy Drink

– But the force continues

Red Bull Energy Drink

– Red Bull gives you wings

Revo Energy

– One shot – one hit.

V Energy

– The massive hit that improves you a bit

Sting Energy Drink

– Extreme energy. Ultimate taste.

Redline Energy Drink

– The ultimate energy rush!

Red Devil

– The taste of energy!

Burn Energy Drink

– What do you burn for?

Full Throttle Energy Drink

– Go Full Throttle or go home.

Tiger Energy Drink

– Power is back!

AMP Energy

– Energy you need, flavors you crave

Wild Dragon

– Enjoy the power

TaB Energy

– Fuel to be fabulous

Pit Bull Energy Drink

– Attitude in a can


– Insanely healthy energy

XS Energy Drink

– Premium energy. Explosive taste.

BPM Energy Drink

– Energy for living

Go Fast!

– Fast things for fast people.

Lift Plus

– Sharpen up

Livita Energy Drink

– Gets you going!

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