List of U.S. state slogans

We Dare Defend our Rights
North to the Future
God enriches
I have found it
The People Rule
Still Revolutionary
Liberty and Independence
In God We Trust
Wisdom Justice Moderation
The Islands of Aloha
It is Perpetual
State Sovereignty, National Union
The Crossroads of America
You Make Me Smile
To the stars through difficulties
United we stand, divided we fall
Union, Justice, and Confidence
I direct, I lead, or I guide
Strong deeds, gentle words
Make It Yours
Great Lakes, Great Times
The Star of the North
By Valor and Arms
Where the Rivers Run
Gold and Silver
Equality Before the Law
All for Our Country
Live Free or Die
Liberty and Prosperity
It Grows as It Goes
Ever upwards or Superior
While I breathe, I hope
The Peace Garden State
With God All Things Are Possible
Labour Conquers All Things
She Flies With Her Own Wings
Virtue, Liberty & Independence
Cooler and warmer
While I breathe, I hope
Under God the People Rule
Agriculture and Commerce
Freedom and Unity
Thus Always to Tyrants
The Evergreen State
Wild and Wonderful
Equal Rights
Come to Life

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