Japanese Brands Slogans

PlayStation – eNoS Lives.

Honda – The Power of Dreams

Toyota – Moving forward.

Daikin – The Future in Your Hand

Bridgestone – We'll be there for you.

Yakult – Listen to your gut.

Fuji film – Do you speak Fuji?

JVC – The Perfect Experience.

Olympus Corporation – Your Vision, Our Future.

Nintendo – Play it Loud.

Lexus – The relentless pursuit of perfection

Nissan – Life is a Journey. Enjoy the Ride.

Mazda – Zoom Zoom.

Sony – Make believe

Makita – Power tools for the long run.

Meiji – Now idea for wellness

Sega – Genesis does what Nintendon't.

Acura – The road will never be the same

Daihatsu – Light you up.

Falken Tire – On The Pulse.

Casio – Technology for life

Citizen Watch – Beyond precision.

Asics – Sure beats thick ankles.

Ryobi – Power tools that won't quit.

Yamaha Corporation – THE WAY IT SHOULD BE.

Toshiba – In Touch With Tomorrow.

Toshiba slogan

NEC – NEC. Empowered by Innovation.

Seiko Epson – Exceed Your Vision.

Fujitsu – Possibilities are infinite.

Panasonic – Ideas for Life.

Olfa – Best made cutting tools in the world.

Hitachi – Inspire the Next.

Mitsubishi – Wake up and drive.

Kenwood – Listen to the Future.

AEON – A world of ideas

Seiko – It's your watch that tells most about who you.

Ricoh – How well do you share?

All Nippon Airways – We fly 1st

SNK – The Future Is Now.

Brother Printers – At your side

Datsun – Datsun Raising

Astellas Pharma – Leading Light for Life.

Japan Airlines – Fly into tomorrow.

Muji – Lower priced for a reason.

Ajinomoto – Eat Well, Live Well.

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