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Tea Slogans & Taglines

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Cha Yi

– Look good, Feel good.


– Tea as it should be.

Be Infused

– Tea, Love & Happiness.

Alltime tea

– Taste of relaxation.

Yogi Tea

– Serve your spirit.

Knack tea

– Life goes better with knack tea.

Tea Trails

– It all begins here.

Cha Time

– Good tea, Good time.


– Keep heart delight.

Mcleod Russel

– Believe in Tea.

Dhanwantri Tea

– A healthy sip! Say Aahhhha!!

English Chai

– Best tasting tea in the world.

Celestial Seasonings

– Tea doesn’t have to be boring.

Tea Trivia

– Tevolution for everyone.


– The aristocratic tea.

Kericho Gold

– A matter of good taste.

Dr Stuart's

– There's a better you inside.

Numi organic Tea

– Celebrating people, planet, and pure tea.

Good Earth tea

– From the fields of five continents. Individually wrapped for freshness.

Qi organic green and white tea

– Balance and harmony for body and mind.

Yogi tea

– Discover the delicious side of well-being.

Alveus tea

– Source of daily wellbeing.

Gryphon Chamomile Dream

– Can’t sleep?


– Tavalon. The future of tea.


– Kusmi. The beauty of blends.


– A heaven of tea.

Upton Tea Imports

– Purveyor of the world's finest teas.

BOH tea

– Share the Ummph!

Rakhmet Royal Tea

– Discover a new destination every day.

Dilmah Ceylon tea

– Fresh from our tea gardens to your cup.

PG Tips tea

– We all need a PG moment.

Lyons tea brand

– Puts the talk into tea.

Victorian tea

– It’s romance… of a different kind.

Goodricke tea

– Wake up to a fresh feeling.

Clipper teas

– Natural, fair & delicious.

Basilur Ceylon tea

– Basilur. Magic story.

Barry’s tea brand

– Every day should have its golden moments.

Red Rose Tea

– Red Rose Tea is good tea.

Twinings tea

– Gets you back to you.


– A decent cup of tea.

Sir Winston Tea

– Finest tea tradition.

Yorkshire black tea

– All the best from Yorkshire.

Brooke Bond tea

– Cheers your senses.

Twinings Pure Camomile herbal tea

– Blended to make every day a little better.

Harney & Sons tea

– Master tea blenders.

Freshpak tea

– When you know what's good for you.

Punjana tea brand

– Put more flavor in your life.

Tylos tea brand

– Tylos tea… it's a part of your life.

Five Roses tea brand

– Nobody makes better tea than you and Five Roses.

Billy Tea

– The choice of your dad's dad’s dad.

Ridgways tea

– Fine teas for the discerning.

Lipton tea

– Lipton. Tea can do that.


– Nambarrie. Nice and strong.

Tetley tea

– A cup of Tetley and you’re ready for anything!

Bushells tea

– Is it as good as Bushells?


– The better way to wake up.

Bell tea

– Works wonders.